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Why Hire A Wedding DJ?

If you’re getting married, you have many different things you’ll need to make a decision on: the dress, the décor, the food, and, of course, the music for their reception.

While some people are set on a live band, there are a number of reasons why hiring a Wedding Deejay is by far the better option.

Here are a few reasons why a DJ may be a better fit for your wedding than a live band and what a DJ can offer.

  • Large selection and variety of music
  • You choose the music
  • Access to hard-to-find music
  • DJs are well suited for Emcee Services
Read more about the advantages of a DJ for your wedding event…

A Large Variety of Music

Wedding DJs can provide a huge variety of music.

Most play everything from oldies and disco to pop and R&B. Bands, even wedding singers who specialize in many of the most popular wedding reception songs, are still limited by the music they know.

They may not know your favorite songs, and if someone has a request, they may not necessarily be able to provide it. With a DJ, you rarely have to worry about that. Most have a catalog of thousands of songs.

You Pick the Music

Before your wedding, you’ll have the chance to sit down with the DJ and create a custom playlist.

Of course, you don’t have to select every single song to be played, but you’ll cover the basics: first dance, mother/son and father/daughter dance, etc.

You can also pick your favorite songs to be played over the course of the reception, narrow down your favorite genres, and even pick genres or songs that the DJ should NOT play. That’s often just as important as picking out your playlist!

While many DJs do take requests over the course of the evening from guests, you can ask that they do not if you have specific music you want played. Some couples have a full playlist that spans the entire reception, while others only have a few songs they want.

Everything is up to you.

What if the Song you want isn’t Available?

Wedding DJs do have thousands of songs in their music libraries, but occasionally, someone will ask for an older song or a song that isn’t that common.

When DJs had to purchase all of their music on CD, it often wasn’t possible for them to hunt down some of these songs. But with the internet, almost every song can be found and added to a DJ’s selection prior to the wedding event.

This means you’re free to go with any songs you want, even those that are fairly unknown.

Your DJ can be your MC

Many receptions have a Master of Ceremonies who introduces the wedding party, announces the special dances, and more.

Many Wedding DJs will provide this service in addition to playing music. This is something else you’ll work out with the DJ prior to your big day. The DJ can be as involved as much or as little as you like.

Some people really only want their DJ there to provide music, and that’s great, while others want the DJ to interact with guests and make announcements.

Overall, a DJ at your wedding reception provides customized services that no live band can match!

Your wedding will be one of your family’s happiest and most important days, but “tying the knot” can be one of the most stressful events you’ll ever experience.

Hubcap Classics’ goal is to provide you with worry-free DJ services for Wedding Party Rehearsals and Receptions that your guests and Bridal Party will always remember, and that you’ll never forget.

Wedding DJ Mix

Listen to the following 2 minute demo Wedding DJ mix and hear DJ Billy Ferguson perform his Wedding Day magic! Follow along if you’d like and read the transcript below, if you can keep up!


Artist: The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Title: “Jump Jive An’ Wail”

Begin Audio Transcript

Introduction by the legendary Bill J. Moody:

“And now, from the vault of the treasures of Rock and Roll, the man who invented Rock and Roll, Mr. Saturday Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen would you please welcome, All-American… Billeeeeeeeee Ferguson!”

Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson:

“Bill J. Moody you are too kind, too kind!

I appreciate all the kind words!

We’re out here, I’m going to call it the “Blake Affair”.

Blake and Shelley getting married today.

They just did the vows.

They just did the ceremony.

Now it’s time to party down!

They called me and asked me to do their reception, I am so honored!

I have done a lot of wedding receptions and I’ve got to tell you, this is going to be one of my favorite gigs of my favorites.

There are a lot of good-looking people out there!

I’ve been told that, you know, you have every kind of request there is out there.

You know, old stuff, new stuff, country stuff, we’ve got it all right here!

A good-looking bunch of people!

I am Hubcap Classics… DJ Billy Ferguson!

We’re going to have a time tonight, we’re going to be here until it’s over.

I will play until the last person is here and does not want to leave.

Welcome out!

Once again, congratulations to Vernon and Shelley.

We’re going to be here for the duration.

And also, I take requests!

If you’ve got something you want to hear, you’ve got something you’d like to hear, please come up.

Tell me what you want to hear!

Congratulations, once again, Vernon and Shelley!”

Perfectly timed pause… and DJ Billy continues 🙂

“Okay, it didn’t take long for the dance floor to fill up.

It is full!

But I still have a couple of people that are, you know, a little bit shy.

Go on out there…

Don’t let all these people out there intimidate you, just ease in there and find your place.

They’ll move over and make room for you, I promise!

Good looking dance floor, good looking people!

Congratulations, once again!”

End Audio Transcript

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