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Sweet 16 DJ Party in Montgomery, Alabama

Sweet 16 Party!

Is your daughter turning 16 this year?

While it’s not as commonly done as it once was, some parents still throw Sweet 16 Parties.

This event, which is usually a less formal version of a debutante ball, marks the young woman’s official coming of age. It’s something like an introduction to society, an event that often occurred during the Victorian period at formal parties.

If you decide you want to host a Sweet 16 for your daughter, you can make it as formal or as casual as you want. But no matter what you do, you and your daughter will want to make it fun, and for that, you’ll want some music.

Why not hire a DJ for the party?

Should you Host a Sweet 16?

Before you set about finding a DJ, you first have to decide if you’re going to have a Sweet 16 for your daughter.

Not everyone does – in fact, in some areas, she might have the only sweet 16. Most simply have a normal birthday party with family and friends. It might often be a slightly bigger party than usual, but it’s nothing that requires booking a venue or hiring a DJ.

Others, though, might want to mark this special day in their daughter’s life by hosting a huge event.

If you want your daughter to always remember her 16th birthday, then a Sweet 16 Party is the way to go.

What does it Involve?

Besides having a DJ and music, what do you need for a Sweet 16?

It’s really up to you and your daughter.

Some parents do all the planning for the event themselves, and they may even keep it a secret. Others make sure their daughter is involved every step of the way and makes a lot of the decisions.

A Sweet 16 can be anywhere from a causal party to a formal event.

Here are some of the different things you’ll want to think about when you’re planning the party:

  • The venue. If you’re having a huge party, you’ll need to find a venue that can hold everyone.
  • The music. You can hire a live band, but a DJ provides you and your daughter with a wider selection of music and much more.
  • The décor. You and your daughter can do everything from table centerpieces to streamers, balloons, and much more.
  • Makeup and hair styling. Usually, the birthday girl, her sisters, and her mom all go out and get their hair and makeup done the day before. Sometimes close friends and other relatives also join in this pre-party event.
  • The dress. Your daughter will want to look amazing for this party, and that usually means a new dress or outfit. Some sweet 16s wear prom dresses, while others go for something that’s nice, but not quite as fancy. It really depends on what your daughter likes.
  • The food. Do you want to serve a full meal, snacks, or just punch and cake?

These are just a few things you’ll want to think about when planning your daughter’s Sweet 16.

With the right venue and the right DJ, her Sweet 16 is sure to be a birthday she will always remember!