Let’s Rock And Roll!

Hubcap Classics provides Deejay Rock and Roll music entertainment services in Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding communities.

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Whether you choose to “rock”, or you prefer to “roll”, you can always count on “music that just soothes the soul”. (Ask Bob Seger.)

Hubcap Classics also has a great selection of “Rockabilly” tunes, one of Rock & Roll’s close cousins.

Ready to Make The Scene?

Beware, you have been warned!

If you’re ready to Rock Around The Clock, DJ Billy Ferguson wants to be your opening act AND encore performance!

Rock and Roll is not just a genre of music, it’s a philosophy, attitude and way of life.

After hearing a few opening riffs of our Rock Music DJ selections, you might find yourself behaving more like a Groupie than you’d care to admit.

Cool It With DJ Billy

Not to worry, you’ll have it “made in the shade” when you stick with DJ Billy Ferguson.

He’ll take you on a guided Rock n Roll Revival you’ll never forget, then safely bring you back to reality so you’ll be home in time to tuck in the kids.

Listen to the following 2 minute demo Rock and Roll DJ mix and hear DJ Billy Ferguson “burn some rubber” when the crowd needs to be motivated, and “chill” when it’s time to slow things down.

Follow along if you’d like and read the transcript below, if you can keep up!


Artist: Bob Seger

Title: “Old Time Rock and Roll”

Begin Audio Transcript

Introduction by the legendary Bill J. Moody:

“And now, from the vault of the treasures of Rock and Roll, the man who invented Rock and Roll, Mr. Saturday Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen would you please welcome, All-American… Billeeeeeeeee Ferguson!”

Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson:

“Thank you Bill J. Moody for all those kind words!

I’m going to repay you some day.

Some day but not today, but I’ll do it some day I promise.

In the background, that is Mrs. Seger’s little boy, Bob.

He’s singing “Old Time Rock and Roll”, that’s one of my all-time favorites!

I love playing these Rock and Roll venues because it gives me a chance to play the good stuff.

Old stuff, the new stuff, stuff you haven’t heard in years.

I’m Hubcap Classics, DJ Billy Ferguson, I’m bringing them back!

I’m going to play the new stuff, the old stuff and everything in-between.

I’m going to play a lot of my favorites and I know they’re your favorites.

I wouldn’t play them if they weren’t your favorites.

I’m here to play what YOU want to hear, not what I want you to hear.

And I take requests, if you’ve got something you’d like to hear please come up and tell me what it is.

I’ve got it ALL right here tonight!”

Perfectly timed pause… before DJ Billy continues 🙂

“Once again, I’m taking requests!

I’m Hubcap Classics, DJ Billy Ferguson, you tell me what you want to hear.

I do not have a program director.

YOU are the program director.

You tell me what you want to hear!”

End Audio Transcript