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Hubcap Classics provides Party DJ Services in Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding communities.

Featuring Party DJ Billy Ferguson, we’re ready to entertain you and your guests for nearly any special event you throw at us.

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“Are You Ready, Hey, Are You Ready For This?” ¹

Our Disc Jockey Services are ideal for all types of Party Events, including:

  • Private Parties
  • Surprise Parties
  • Corporate Event Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Reunion Parties
  • Charity Auctions
  • Tailgate Parties, and more

DJ Billy will even dress the part (within reason) for any “themed” parties you have planned!

Party DJ Mix

“Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?” ¹

Listen to the following 2 minute demo Party DJ mix and hear DJ Billy Ferguson playfully interact with one of the party-goers! Follow along if you’d like and read the transcript below, if you can keep up!

Begin Audio Transcript

Introduction by the legendary Bill J. Moody:

“And now, from the vault of the treasures of Rock and Roll, the man who invented Rock and Roll, Mr. Saturday Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen would you please welcome, All-American… Billeeeeeeeee Ferguson!”

Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson:

“Thank you Bill J. Moody for that kind intro, kind words indeed.


Great to be back here tonight!

I am Hubcap Classics – DJ Billy Ferguson.

I’m taking your requests and… oh!

I just had a young lady walk up!

Young lady, what would you like to hear?”

(Voice of Young Lady)

“Umm, do you have any of the Queen’s music?”

(Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson)

“Yes, I do!

What would you like to hear?”

(Voice of Young Lady)

“Well, I’m a fan of the Royal Family, so something ‘propuh’ (proper).”

(Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson)

“What do you mean by ‘propuh’?”

(Voice of Young Lady)

“Just something regarding the Queen.”

(Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson)

“I’ve got it!

And I’ll play it!”

(Voice of Young Lady)

“Thank you!” (she squealed…) 🙂

End Audio Transcript


Artist: Queen

Title: “Another One Bites The Dust”

¹ Source: Lyrics from “Another One Bites The Dust”