Music Oldies For Everyone

Hubcap Classics is an Oldies Music DJ Service in the Montgomery, Alabama River Region.

This means we can play Oldies Music for any audience, or we can play any type of music for a group of “Oldies” (who are, of course, young at heart).

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What Is An “Oldie”?

Oldies Music tends to bring back memories:

  • Remember “cruising down the strip”?
  • Or “making out” in the convertible?
  • Did you ever spend all your pennies in a gumball machine?
  • Wasn’t that “a gas”?

Well, if any of this doesn’t ring a bell, don’t sweat it – you’re not a “square”.

What constitutes an Oldies Song is debatable and entirely subjective, but is typically related to one’s age.

Every song is an Oldie. At least, eventually.

Hang Loose!

You get to decide.

Hubcap Classics loosely defines Oldies Music as the collection of music genres from the 50s, 60s and 70s, but you can choose your own playlist of Oldies Tunes to suit your personal tastes.

Oldies Music Mix

After an evening of listening to our Oldies DJ Mix, you may feel the urge to give someone a wedgie or “moon” some passers-by on your drive home. Hubcap Classics cannot be held responsible. 😉

Listen to the following 60 second Oldies DJ mix and hear DJ Billy Ferguson take your guests back in time! Follow along if you’d like by reading the transcript below, if you can keep up!


Artist: Cliff Nobles

Title: “The Horse”

Begin Audio Transcript

Introduction by the legendary Bill J. Moody:

“And now, from the vault of the treasures of Rock and Roll, the man who invented Rock and Roll, Mr. Saturday Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen would you please welcome, All-American… Billeeeeeeeee Ferguson!”

Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson:

“Bill J. Moody, you were so kind to say those things!

You spoke of a vault.

We’re digging deep in the vault tonight, we’re going to play songs you haven’t heard in years!

You might not even EVER heard some of them! But we’re going to play them tonight, and you’re going to like every song.

Some of the songs are going to be your favorites, but if they’re not your favorites, you’re going to like them, I promise!

Fifties, Sixties and Seventies… they’ll all bring back memories. These songs are tied to memories!

We’re going to take that stroll down memory lane tonight… take my hand, I’ll take your’s, we’re going to walk together!

You’re going to remember where you were, what you were doing, what girl you were dating, what boy you were dating, what grade you were in, what kind of car you were driving.

It’s all tied to memories people and we’re bringing them all back tonight.

Stay with me!”

End Audio Transcript