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What does MC stand for?

An MC is a Master of Ceremonies, also referred to as an Emcee.

They are also known as a compère, a mostly British usage.

In the parlance of the DJ Music Entertainment Industry, slang definitions often ignore or minimize the difference between an MC and DJ.

What does an MC do?

Many events employee the services of a Master of Ceremonies, and in many capacities.

Generally speaking, an MC is the person who keeps the event moving along, makes announcements, and typically tells attendees what they need to do. There are a number of different events that require an MC, and for many, the event’s DJ can handle this work.

The DJ already has a microphone and is usually set up to be at the front of the room.

This makes them the perfect person to handle the MC duties if you don’t have someone designated for that role. It also means you and all of your guests can participate fully in the event without worrying about making announcements.

Here are some of the common events that have emcees and how a DJ can fulfill that role:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Announcer and Entertainer

Wedding Receptions

The Emcee at a wedding reception can either do a lot or a little depending on what you want.

If you and the wedding party will be entering the reception after the guests, the Emcee can introduce everyone as they enter. They will also announce the first dance, any other special dances (mother/son, father/daughter, etc.), and tell the guests when the happy couple is cutting the cake.

They might also announce any song dedications and anything else.

This is perfect for a DJ since so much of a reception is focused on the dance floor.

Birthday Parties

If you’re having a DJ at your birthday, they will handle the MC duties of making sure everyone knows when the candles are being blown out and when it’s time to sing happy birthday.

They might also remind guests to take their party gift (if there are treat bags or other items being handed out) and make any other necessary announcements.

Corporate Events

These events may have their own Emcee, especially if there’s any sort of program or important company announcements being made.

However, the DJ might serve as a backup Emcee, letting people know when it’s time to eat, what events are coming up, and handling any other more general announcements.

DJs are also often tasked with making certain people know that the event is over by announcing the last song of the evening and then providing any information attendees need to have before they leave.

Duties of the MC

As you can see, the MC is generally in charge of making sure the party keeps moving and that all guests are aware of what’s going on.

But they can also interact more with your guests.

Some DJs provide amusing banter and interaction throughout the entire event, making people laugh and generally keeping things lighthearted and fun. You can talk with the DJ prior to the event about how much of this they will do and how you want them to serve as an MC.

Some people simply want the DJ to play music and make a few announcements, while others are fine with the DJ being more active in the event.

It’s entirely up to you – it’s your event, after all!