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Corporate Music Entertainment in Montgomery, Alabama

Corporate Events

Is your business going to have a special party or event?

If it is and you’re in charge of planning it, you’ve got a lot on your plate! These events can have a lot of different parts to them:

  • The Food
  • The Venue
  • The Décor
  • The Deejay
  • and more…

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of corporate events and what they might entail.

Corporate Party DJ in Montgomery, Alabama

A Party

Many businesses have holiday parties or corporate picnics to give their employees a chance to get to know each other in an informal setting and to show their appreciation for everything they’ve done over the year.

A business might also have a party following the completion of a major project or when they reach a certain goal. These events are often fairly casual and include a DJ playing music, dancing, prizes, competitions, and, of course, a lot of food.

Some are held outdoors if the weather is right, while others might be held in a hotel ballroom or at an event space the company owns.

They’re a lot of fun for all employees, and they are usually the easiest type of corporate event to put together.

Conference Event DJ in Montgomery, Alabama

A Conference

A business conference often includes people coming from out of town or from other companies.

These conferences are usually held over a weekend, but they may be as long as a week. There are panels of experts, keynote speakers, and more. There’s usually at least one formal dinner and, often, a party of some sort with a DJ playing music.

Because attendees may propose panel ideas or submit papers to read, these events take a little more work. You have to put together a schedule of speakers, book various venues or spaces, and handle any keynote speakers’ travel and accommodations.

Generally, a committee handles organizing these events so while one person is in charge overall, they don’t have to do everything themselves.

Press Event DJ in Montgomery, Alabama

A Press Event

A press event is often like a corporate event only you have a big announcement at some point and there are many people there from outside of the company.

These events can include a release party for an album or book, a charity event, an endorsement, or the announcement of a new hire or major initiative. There are usually snacks like finger foods or desserts, and there’s often a DJ playing before and after the announcement.

These events are generally come and go, with some people arriving early to mingle while others may drop in right before the announcement and then leave shortly thereafter.

Community Event Deejay in Montgomery, Alabama

A General Party

Finally, some businesses sponsor block parties or community events once a year.

These parties are done to raise awareness of the business, its products or services, and its goals, but they also give the company the chance to give back to the community. There’s usually food and a DJ, but there can be much more.

Some of these parties have demos of the company’s products, activities, door prizes, and even special areas for the kids.

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