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Hubcap Classics is a Disc Jockey Service offering the best DJ Music in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Looking for DJ Music, or a Music DJ?

They’re one and the same and Hubcap Classics has both – providing all of the music you love and remember, and love to remember!

Deejay or DJ?

We answer to Disc Jockey, Deejay or DJ – even “turntablist” (yes, it’s a word)!

What matters is we’ve got nearly every version of every genre of your favorite music.

It doesn’t matter if you spell Disc Jockey with a “c” or prefer a little “k” in your Disk, our DJ Musical entertainment will have you dancing to every tune!

DJ Billy Ferguson is an accomplished Emcee and Entertainer Extraordinaire with Deejay Music suitable for any event, guaranteed to create memorable moments or make your favorite memories start flooding back.

We play 50s Rock and Roll right through to the best of today’s music. If we don’t already have the music you want, we will find it.

Local DJ Service

We are a professional DJ Service and we want to perform for you!

Our Event DJ services are available in the Montgomery River Region, including Montgomery, AL; Prattville, AL; Wetumpka, AL; Pike Road, AL and surrounding communities.

We provide professional DJ Services for:

More Than Music

It’s about MUCH more than just the music we play…

Are you prepared to have a celebration that you and your guests will never forget? Welcome to a whole new world of wedding and event entertainment solutions – right here in Central Alabama.

Contact Billy Ferguson and Hubcap Classics for DJ Booking Requests and reserve that special date before it’s too late!

Demo DJ Mix

Listen to the following 60 second demo DJ mix and hear DJ Billy Ferguson talk to your guests! Follow along if you’d like and read the transcript below, if you can keep up!


Artist: Cliff Nobles

Title: “The Horse”

Begin Audio Transcript

Introduction by the legendary Bill J. Moody:

“And now, from the vault of the treasures of Rock and Roll, the man who invented Rock and Roll, Mr. Saturday Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen would you please welcome, All-American… Billeeeeeeeee Ferguson!”

Voice of DJ Billy Ferguson:

“Thank you Bill J. Moody!

You’re too kind, saying all those good things about me.

I’ll repay the favor some day.

Welcome out everybody, it’s a great Saturday night, it’s a great crowd!

I’ve been walking around out there, we thank you guys for having us out tonight.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests, they’re telling me ‘We want to hear this and we want to hear that’.

You’re talking about particular artists and particular songs from different genres.

We’ve got it all tonight!

We’ve got the great Doo-wop stuff from the late 50s.

Early 60s, that good stuff from the Northeast and the North, up ’round New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York City, Bayonne, New Jersey.

We’ve got it all right here tonight.

We’ve got the Rock and Roll songs.

We’ve got Blues.

We’re going to do it all tonight people!

We’re going to have a GREAT time and we’re going to have a Great time having a GREAT time!

Welcome out!”

End Audio Transcript